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From: Gerald Bernard

Dear Reader,

First things first, there are no secrets to whiter teeth and if at all, you think there are any, we have unlocked all of them in front of you in our e-book titled - From yellow to white - A Beautiful Smile 'Teeth Whitening' Guide! We came across a whopping number of people like you who were on the lookout for effective teeth whitening treatments. Some of them were completely fraught with distress over their pale yellow teeth. There were also a lot of confusions as regards the safety and effectiveness of a particular teeth whitening method. It was then that we thought of coming out with a comprehensive e-book on valuable teeth whitening strategies.

Nowadays, everybody expects things to be quick whether it is a quick lube or dry-cleaning or fast food. In this league of speedy sweepstakes, the latest entry is that of 'teeth bleaching' or 'teeth whitening'. There are countless methods, products and treatments available in the market that promise to turn yellow teeth into glistening white within no time. One cannot however be sure as regards the effectiveness of these teeth bleaching treatments. Where on one hand, cosmetic dentistry treatments burn a hole in the pocket, self treatments may lead to pretty disappointing results if carried out in a wrong instructional way.

Our e-book titled Yellow to Ivory White - Beautiful Smile 'Teeth Whitening' Guide aims towards enlightening the readers on the available techniques of teeth whitening. It seeks to help you in understanding the pros and cons of all the teeth whitening procedures. This means that if you read till the last line of this e-book, you will realize that it is indeed very easy to get a pearly white smile.

The e-book presented to you is a comprehensive guide on various different teeth whitening procedures. From teeth whitening tooth pastes to teeth whitening chewing gums, lemons to strawberries, we have made a point to touch all the things even remotely connected with teeth whitening. This coherently written and thoughtfully compiled text will definitely help to understand various aspects associated with teeth whitening.

From Yellow to Ivory White - A Beautiful Smile 'Teeth Whitening' Guide! is split into ten chapters, with each one of them focusing on a different teeth whitening aspect. The book has been penned in a very easy- to- understand language so that the readers do not have any major problem in identifying with the contents of the book.

A Comprehensive E-book Addressing All The
Prime Teeth Whitening Aspects.

While working on this e-book, we had only one thing in our minds that the readers should be provided with core content written in a graspable language so that all their confusions and myths related to teeth whitening vanish off. It makes me and my whole team glad that the response garnered by the book is exactly what we had desired. Without any hint of exaggeration I say, that my inbox is unable to handle such a huge rush of fan-mails wherein fans have expressed their appreciation for the book. I thank you all a lot! It feels so overwhelmingly pleasing to hear that there are a lot of people who have found our book informative and worth investing. I thank all of you once again. I also hope that this e-book reaches out to every single individual who craves to get a glistening white smile.

So, what's stopping you from grabbing your copy of 'From Yellow to Ivory White - A Beautiful Smile 'Teeth Whitening' Guide!'? Get up to get one! With limited stocks available, you may lose out on this explicit resource if you don't act immediately. So, get your hands quickly on this incredibly informative e-book on how to get back that dazzling white and bright smile.

Now, as I have the e-book presented to you henceforth is an extremely rich resource on teeth whitening, I beseech you to kindly ensure the worthiness of this e-book before you go in for the final purchase.


Highlights of - From Yellow to Ivory White - A Beautiful Smile 'Teeth Whitening' Guide! -

  • How effective is a teeth whitening surgery?
  • Available methods and products of teeth whitening
  • Pros and cons of teeth whitening medical treatments
  • Natural teeth whitening Vs Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments
  • Are there any teeth whitening toothpastes? Do they work?
  • Do teeth whitening Chewing Gums work?

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